How We Made A Short Film Shot on iPhone

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A coupla months ago, Moment asked us to participate in their Moment Invitational Film Festival.

There were only four requirements:

  1. The theme was suspense

  2. We had to tell the whole story in under three minutes

  3. The entire film had to be shot on a mobile phone

  4. We had to use a Moment lens in at least one of the shots

We were DOWN, and this is that short film:

We rented a space in LA, hired a team, and shot the video in seven hours before we premiered it in NYC last weekend. Here's a video about that trip, the shooting process, and a little insight into the story we chose to create:

You can vote for Make Sure You're Missed to win the invitational and be entered for a chance to win $15k in gear here.

Here is further proof that we shot on an iPhone and had a swimming time doing it:

Until next time.

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