The Mango street collection | Lr presets

Maintaining accurate skin tones while creating a lush backdrop with darker greens is what you’ll find this collection does best. Accentuating the best of both digital and film worlds with tone curves and grain to match, you’ll finally be able to achieve the look you’ve been after. Palm, Crash, and Summer’s Edge feature crushed highlights for a more muted look while Atlantic, Arrowhead, and Saksun have a wider dynamic range with detailed shadows.

While completely versatile, this collection was specifically crafted for naturally-lit weddings, fashion, and lifestyle photographs.

Adobe Lightroom CC is required to make use of all of the parameters used in these presets.


This is our own collection of custom LUTs that we use on our videos to achieve a variety of cinematic looks with just a few of clicks! Get the same look that we use with this pack of 6 LUTs. 


• Venice  |  bright whites, rich blues

• Chinatown  |  crushed blacks, desaturated colors

• Joshua Tree  |  rich greens, accurate skin tones, higher contrast

• Panama  |  orange tones, bright and airy

• Wicker Park  |  subtle tone adjustments, slightly moodier

•  Kivik  |  blue shadows, bright whites, rich greens

Check out the tutorial here:

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